Ivermectin 6mg x 10 tabs

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Indian pharma (Iverheal) Ivermectin 6mg x 10 tabs (1 strip).

Due to the popularity of the free ivermectin we have been offering to customers, we thought we should also offer a pharmaceutical option, for those reluctant to use ugl product for something as serious as covid. These are offered at a small cost.

We have linked some peer reviewed papers below. All of these papers have been published in well-established recognised scientific journals. We also urge you to research yourself and make your own conclusions.

The Approved Dose of Ivermectin Alone is not the Ideal Dose for the Treatment of COVID-19

Pharmacokinetic considerations on the repurposing of ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19

Therapeutic potential of ivermectin as add-on treatment in COVID 19- A systematic review and meta-analysis

The Battle against COVID 19 Pandemic- What we Need to Know Before we “Test Fire” Ivermectin


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